April 2014

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A mission outreach to the central Philippines



APRIL 2014

Update on Typhoon Damage

typhoon-udate.fwWe have been very busy with traveling looking at damaged churches and encouraging church members. It has been uplifting to see how resilient the Filipino people are when hit so hard by this typhoon.  We have seven churches to totally rebuild on Panay Island and others are working on several churches on the Island of Leyte.  Some good news to share is that the Bible College on Leyte that was totally destroyed has now been rebuilt!  We have just prepared many boxes of books to replace the ones they lost in their school library.

Our 40 foot container has been released from customs and we have been busy distributing the 10,000 pounds of food relief that was inside to Leyte and Panay to help with the typhoon areas. 

Cargo Container Released by Customs ~ Thank You for Your Prayers

cargo.fwIt took longer than usual, but our cargo container was finally released by customs in late March.  We are so thankful for the many prayer warriors.  After the container was released by customs,  we then had to unload the packaged food for Leyte, truck the loaded container across Cebu Island, then ferry across the ocean to Negros Island, and finally over the mountain and across Negros to Bacolod.  The contents had to be unloaded quickly by hand, and then the empty container returned to Cebu Island. Then the unpacking and sorting begins in preparation for distributing the books, clothing, and a myriad of other items which are so appreciated.

Vehicle Purchased

vehicle.fwWe rejoice in finding a very nice low mileage 2011 Toyota Hillux pickup for our transportation use.  It is 4-wheel drive for our ministry in the mountains, automatic, and diesel for better economy.  We thought it was black, but realized it is dark green. Praise God for providing us this vehicle and for the many supporters who made a payment to VFM for this pickup.  Thank you for helping us meet our need!

Vacation Bible School Preparation


We have been printing and sorting VBS materials for 150 churches!  Every student receives a paper that is printed on the front and back to use each day of VBS.  We have beginner, primary, junior, and teenage materials.  It is printed in two languages groups, with the teenage materials being in English. We also have publicity, a teacher guide, registration forms, certificates, and other supporting materials in each packet.  The materials will be sent to ten different areas of the Philippines to help the churches reach kids for Christ this summer.  VBS begins in April since school concludes the last week of March.  Pray for VBS in the central Philippines!

Paul and Mary in Bacolod City

We are very thankful to be back at home in Bacolod City after our travels from the U.S. to the Philippines and our trip to view the typhoon damage.

We are living in a construction zone!  We have construction and painting ongoing at three locations getting ready to start the new two-year Bible College. The upstairs classroom has a new ceiling, electricity, insulation installed, and paint. A septic tank is being constructed for the dormitory, as well as repair to the inside of the dormitory house.  We have an average of six workers every day! Pray that we will be ready to start the new 2 year training school this June and that God will send us eager young men for training in church leadership!

On Negros, we are presently working on property/land issues at three separate locations. It is so hard to buy land in the Philippines!  Pray for VFM as we try to help churches secure permanent land.

Our male goat, Billy, died the day of the typhoon from a liver tumor. We have a lot of his white offspring wandering around.  Billy was replaced by Billy Keith after we returned.  Billy Keith has had a bad habit of jumping out of his goat house window.  About a month ago, he fractured his back leg and was confined with a cast. Also while we were in the States, thieves robbed us of about 25 laying hens. This interrupted our plan for a chicken dispersal program. We are now constructing a raised guard house to enhance our security situation.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our health and safety and for the Kingdom success of our work. You are an important part of our ministry in the Philippines!

In His service,

Paul and Mary Wilson

Typhoon Yolanda
Greetings from the Philippines,

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) report cites 5,235 deaths from ‘Yolanda’ as of November 25, 2013. The cost of damage caused by super typhoon Yolanda continued to mount as it reached P22.659 billion as of Sunday, the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) said. Of the P22,659,851,383.76 cost of damage, P10,701,971,349.76 is for agriculture and P11,957,880,034 for infrastructure.

Most of the relief operations are concentrated on the province of Leyte as they are the worst hit by the typhoon. There are indeed relief goods reaching Panay and northern Negros but not as numerous as in Leyte which is still insufficient by any measure considering the widespread devastation to infrastructure.

The Negros Preachers and Workers organization, the Women’s Aglow women’s organization, the local churches, have organized their own relief effort to benefit the brethren in Panay.

“We visited 3 provinces in Panay island. Iloilo , Capiz and Aklan. We travelled 470 kms. to distribute relief goods from our brethren in Negros, and abroad to our brethren who are suffering from typhoon Yolanda. So heartbreaking to see children sitting along the road in front of their collapsed homes holding placards "PLEASE HELP US WE NEED FOOD"

--Pastor Simms Labrado


The Negros Preachers and Workers and Women’s Aglow is planning another trip as soon as enough goods are collected to continue in the effort of rebuilding not only church building and houses but also the lives of these people who have suffered emotionally due to the experience. Carlita is planning to once again join the trip as she did the first time.

IDES have also sent aid thru local workers in Panay. Our brethren here need our prayers and any help we can send their way.

The students of the Green Plains Education Center is also conducting a fund drive to aid in the relief effort.

Download presentation here.